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Guildford, St. Joseph (Chertsey Street)

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image of the demolished St. Joseph's  church

This Roman Catholic church was demolished ca. 1984 and rebuilt on a new site in Eastgate Gardens.

Historical notes on English Catholic missions, Kelly, Bernard W. (Rev), 1907:
From 1792 to 1801 a certain emigré Abbé Goudemetz, resided at Guildford and said Mass in a temporary chapel, probably in Friary Street, where some 120 fellow emigrés were accustomed to worship.

The present mission of Guildford was, however, started from Sutton Place, about 1857, by Fr. Joseph Sidden, who opened a temporary chapel in a room in Spital Street. Already, in November 1846, a site for a church had been secured in Chertsey Street by Bishops Wiseman and Griffiths. The purchase was effected by a Mr. Edward Collen, of Postford Mill, Albury.

In 1860 a wooden military hut was erected on the site and fitted up as a chapel. The cost of this structure was largely met by the Catholic Scotch and Irish bargemen who worked on the river Wey. The military hut did duty till the opening of the present church by Canon Crookall, V.G., October 19, 1881.

The style of the building is Geometric Gothic, the structure being designed for 200 persons. The church was completed in August 1884, and on the 19th of that mouth the event was celebrated by a solemn High Mass, at which Cardinal Manning pontificated and preached. The pulpit was presented by Mrs. Byrne, the altar by Mrs. Littledale,and the five stations by Albert Sibeth, Esq. Col. and Mrs. Tredcroft were also generous benefactors to the church. A fine presbytery was built in 1890. The priests at Guildford, since the establishment of the mission, have been:— Rev. E. Clery, 1860-64; Rev. T. Richardson, 1864-65 ; E. Sheridan, 1865-78 ; R. Fowler, 1878, the present incumbent.

Guildford St. Joseph forms part of the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical parishan ecclesiastical parish is an administrative area within the Church of England or Roman Catholic church. It is distinct from the civil parish, a local government unit in England of Guildford along with the Church of Edward the Confessor, Sutton Place, the Church of St. Mary, Aldershot Road and the Church of St Pius X, Laustan Close.

There was no graveyard at the former St. Joseph's Church, however there is a graveyard at St. Edward the Confessor church.

Stoke Cemetery is just under two miles away and Brookwood Cemetery is approximately five miles away.

The former church was in the Guildford district of Surrey.

Unless otherwise stated the dates for the creation of parishes are taken from Youngs, Frederick. A., Guide to the Administrative Units of England; Royal Historical Society: London, 1979 volume 1 Southern England.

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