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Woking United Reformed Church

formerly St Andrew's Presbyterian Church

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A Presbyterian congregation began worshipping in Woking in the 1940s. St Andrew's church was built ca 1952. In 1972 it became part of the new United Reformed Church and in 2005 merged with the former Mount Hermon Congregational Church to form Woking United Reformed Church on St. Andrew's site.

The church is located in the ecclesiastical parishan ecclesiastical parish is an administrative area within the Church of England or Roman Catholic church. It is distinct from the civil parish, a local government unit in England of Woking Christ Church.

There was no graveyard at the Church. However, Brookwood Cemetery is just under five miles away; and Woking Crematorium just over 2 miles distant.

The records for the church are held at the Surrey History Centre.

The church is in the Woking district of Surrey.

Unless otherwise stated the dates for the creation of parishes are taken from Youngs, Frederick. A., jr.. Guide to the Administrative Units of England; Royal Historical Society: London, 1979 volume 1 Southern England.

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