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Bletchingley Cemetery

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The cemetery is in the Ancient Parishan Ancient Parish is a Church of England parish which, until the 19th century, had both ecclesiastical and civil functions of Bletchingley St. Mary.

Friends of Surrey Cemeteries (Surrey Cemeteries: a survey, 2012):

Opened 1858. Surrey map area accords with SHC maps but not actual site as visited.

SHC 7185/9/1-19 registers 1858 – 1917 (graves & burials 11-13) includes name, age, position, depth and description of grave + if purchased.

SHC P20/26/1-21. Burial Board set up in 20 May 1857 to provide a burial ground as churchyard to be closed (delayed until 31 Dec 1858). Membership 9 ratepayers, 3 retiring each year. 1 acre purchased for £250 on 17 Aug 1857 from Mrs Mary Selmes & her son John - 3r15p consecrated and 25p unconsecrated. Edwin Pennington , architect drew up plans. Agreement to borrow up to £650 from the Public Works Loan Commissioners @ 5%. Oak fence on one side and holly trees on remaining three. It was proposed that an unconsecrated chapel was both unnecessary and undesirable! The Anglican chapel plan was put out to tender – 4 quotes received £237 to £450. lowest by Will C Kent of Bletchingley (carpenter who had put up fencing). Subsequent problems (details not known) and work on completion of chapel re-advertised and tender by William Barnes of Nutfield accepted at £193. 10/- in April 1858. Opened 19 Nov 1858.

Extended in 1890 £393 15/- for land from Sir B V Brodie Bt estate. £600 borrowed to fund the extension. (some problems on title).

Extended further in 1929 – 2 fields purchased for £80. A loan of £650 Various agreements 1913 to 1928 with Board of Guardians for pauper burials.

Visited 2006 and found to differ in shape and area from plans viewed at SHC. Appears to be a single ribbon of land along the road sloping heavily down northward from the road into undergrowth. Footpaths only – single gate to the west and narrow double gate in centre near current bus stop. Some short stretches of concrete paths but mainly grass. Very lush plantings including nice old yews and some box plus lots of berries. Some grass cutting but cemetery obviously not used much now. No rabbits but some mole damage. Stones heavily warn. No buildings, signs or facilities of any sort. Wooden marker dated 16.7.1943 to 3? German Air Force men.

West Surry Family History Society CD10(The Surrey Burial Index - 2nd edition 2009) has burial records for Bletchingley St Mary the Virgin from 1538 to 1866.

WSFHS CD15(Surrey Baptisms Not in the IGI) has baptismal records for Bletchingley St Mary the Virgin from 1597 to 1653 and 1813 to 1875.

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Bletchingley is a (civil) parisha Civil Parish is the bottom most tier of local government in England Sometimes called Town Councils in urban areas

[NB Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have different systems of local government]
in the Tandridge district of Surrey

Unless otherwise stated the dates for the creation of parishes are taken from Youngs, Frederick. A., Guide to the Administrative Units of England; Royal Historical Society: London, 1979 volume 1 Southern England.

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the cemetery is between Godstone road and the golf course,
there is an entrance close to the bus stop shown on this map

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