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Englefield Green Cemetery

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Englefield Green Cemetery (2) - - 1360512
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Friends of Surrey Cemeteries (Surrey Cemeteries: a survey, 2012):

St Judes Road, Englefield Green. Opened 1858. Chapel and lodge.

Runnymeade District Council, Station Road, Addlestone KT15 2AH. 01932 425672.

Visited 2006. Several interesting memorials and pixie-house mausoleums. Area fenced off at rear to be sold for housing. Nice little chapel and an entrance lodge. Many municipal graves. WC. Mature trees around edge and along some paths. Letter to the Times in October 2006 highlighted the proposals by the council to sell land for housing which had been covenanted to it in 1929 solely for burial purposes. Church and chapel locked, office and WC marked on map boarded up. Good planting of well tended trees. Many memorials yellow banded with safety notices. One person looks after all Runnymede cemeteries, using contractors.

SHC 2544/6/1,2 registers Jan 1859 – 1864 391 burials; 1865 - Mar 1870 total of 347 burials. Register records name, age, trade or profession, date of death, place of death, from whence body came, place of burial split consecrated or unconsecrated with plot and grave number, date of burial, minister, signature of writer.

SHC 2544/6/3 grants Jan 1906 – Jun 1908 mainly at 21/- but some double this. Plot number and grave space, name and address, all seem to be consecrated.

SHC 2544/6/4 rules and regulations 1899 – Ground on extreme north and south sides of 2 main paths running east-west to be consecrated. Portion in between plus chapel to be for non conformists. 2 days notice for burials , 3 in brick grave, not Sundays. Fees in advance. No dogs or smoking. Wooden coffins only in public graves. Headstones 5’. Registers at superintendents lodge where searches could be made. Fees 5/- to 15/- public graves. 21/- in perpetuity earthen. Minister 5/- rising to 63/- for brick graves and 105/- for vaults. Double charge for non parishioners.

SHC 2544/6/5 letter and copy of 1900 Burial Act. Burial Act concentrates on aspects of consecration placing restrictions on consecrating chapels which are erected on unconsecrated areas of cemeteries. Exclusive use only possible if erected on land set aside for exclusive use of single denomination. Fees which had had to be submitted to Secretary of State to now be authorised by local authorities.

Plot given by Edgell Wyatt Edgell for church and cemetery 1858 Egham museum has index of M.I.s of St Judes, Englefield Green – address Literary Institute, High St, Egham GU25 4AN. Tel 01784 434483
Englefield Green Cemetery is in the ecclesiastical parishan ecclesiastical parish is an administrative area within the Church of England or Roman Catholic church. It is distinct from the civil parish, a local government unit in England of Englefield Green St. Jude which was created from the Ancient Parishan Ancient Parish is a Church of England parish which, until the 19th century, had both ecclesiastical and civil functions of Egham St John the Baptist in 1930

Englefield Green is a town in the Runnymede District of Surrey

Unless otherwise stated the dates for the creation of parishes are taken from Youngs, Frederick. A. Guide to the Administrative Units of England; Royal Historical Society: London, 1979 volume 1 Southern England.

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