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Dorking Cemetery

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Dorking Cemetery Lodge, Reigate Road - - 1509788

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There are around 8,000 inscriptions from Dorking Cemetery in the Surrey Monumental Inscriptions Index

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Friends of Surrey Cemeteries (Surrey Cemeteries: a survey, 2012):

Reigate Road, Dorking. Mole Valley District Council, Pippbrook, Dorking RH4 1QF. 01306 879299. Opened 1855. 14 acres. 2 chapels, a lodge and mortuary/meeting room. SHC burial board 1358/6 1883 > (first book at Pippbrook then later ones at SHC). Visited many times.

The Report to the parishioners dated 15 Feb 1855 stated that Lord Palmerston had approved the building of the cemetery. April 1855; The Secretary of State – Sir George Grey – certified approval of unconsecrated ground and chapel. The Bishop approved the plan for the Anglican chapel. The clerk was directed to talk to the Pelican office about a loan - £5000 obtained for 20 years at 5%. Original area of 4 acres purchased from Henry Thomas Hope of the Deep Dene for £1000. Total land costs of £1221. 11/-2d including £90 to buy out tenant (John Gadd) plus £20 towards cost of removal and re-erection of barn.

Gothic Chapels, Gateway and Keepers House. Designed by Henry Clutton Esq, Architect. Legal and Architect fees £183 12/- 4d. Built by William Carruthers who was paid £2871 13/-1d for building the chapels, lodge and gateway, enclosing the grounds and forming the roads. The additional cost of flints for the roads and buildings, comprising 555 loads plus 1605 ½ yards (latter from Thomas Cubitt) was £404 15/-3d.

Furniture and requisites for the chapel etc came to £70 13/-9d shrubs and planting £6 17/-6d. Other items £23 11/-2d. Loan costs £57 19/-5d. Hence a total cost of £4840 13/-84. Chapels and buildings insured with the Globe Insurance Co; lodge & buildings £300, Anglican chapel £400, nonconformist chapel £300. Oct 1855; John Elsey approved as Lodge Keeper & Gardener @ 12/- p/w plus a further 15/- p/w until 1 Jan 1856 for additional services and lodging.

Consecrated 21 Nov 1855. Opened that month. First burial Elizabeth Rose (non-con) aged 41 yrs on 23 Nov 1855 in plot Q. First C of E burial Charles Wentworth aged 15 months on 20 Dec 1855 in plot F

The early trend of slowly reducing annual costs continued until mid 1860s when drainage problems occurred. In 1864 the board sought sanction to spend up to £500 for draining the burial ground. A loan of £350 was obtained from Pelican and a quotation of £200 from M Merton. The final bill was certified at £179 15/-1d. In 1865 there were complaints about water in the graves and a pump to remove water from graves prior to interment was obtained. 2554 burials in first 26 years. 3456 burials by 1889. Total number of spaces available in original ground 4154.

Stained glass window in Anglican Chapel donated by daughter of James Edward & Anne Agnes Gibson at Easter 1892. Reredos in the Anglican chapel donated by Margaret Menie Sandeman of Upway, Cliftonville, Dorking who died aged 72 on 18 Apr 1935

Eastern extension of 5 acres 1r 32p purchased from William Henry Deverell Esq for £3000 in 1884, plus 1 acre 2r 10p purchased from widow of Lord F P Clinton Hope for £500 in 1889 and laid out in1892. A loan of £4000 was obtained from the Prudential Assurance Company repayable at 4% interest by a terminal annuity of £231 6/-6d for 30 years. Total cost of extension £4307 – 1d.

The Yew hedge that had extended along western edge of I J K L dividing consecrated from non-consecrated ground was removed in 1889 as cemetery was extended, providing a further 100 plots by its removal. Western extension of 3 acres (lawn cemetery) purchased in 1923 but rented out for 30 years. Top half consecrated 1950, first used 1956, bottom half consecrated 1966. Laid out as modern lawn cemetery.

The cemetery is in the Ancient Parishan Ancient Parish is a Church of England parish which, until the 19th century, had both ecclesiastical and civil functions of Dorking St. Martin.

West Surrey Family History Society CD10(The Surrey Burial Index - 2nd edition 2009) has burial records for Dorking St. Martin from 1538 to 1865.

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WSFHS CD15(Surrey Baptisms Not in the IGI) has baptismal records for: See our sales page for more information (opens in a new page).

WSFHS CD32 (Ancient Parishes in the Dorking District – Transcriptions and Indexes. February 2013) has baptismal records for Dorking St. Martin from 1538 to 1840; Marriages from 1539 to 1837 and Burial records from 1538 to 1840.

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Dorking cemetery is in the Mole Valley District of Surrey

Unless otherwise stated the dates for the creation of parishes are taken from Youngs, Frederick. A., Guide to the Administrative Units of England; Royal Historical Society: London, 1979 volume 1 Southern England.

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