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Ash Cemetery

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The Surrey Monumental Inscriptions index has war graves inscriptions for Ash cemetery.

There are around 200 names for Ash St. Peter in the Surrey Monumental Inscriptions Index.
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Friends of Surrey Cemeteries (Surrey Cemeteries: a survey, 2012):

Opened 1887. 8 acres. Chapel – now a museum open 3rd Sunday 2-4.30.

Ash & District Local History Group – 01252 542341.

Ash Vestry discussed the purchase of a field near St Peters for a burial ground in January 1884. Burial Board appointed 29 Oct 1886 with Rev Walsh as chairman – members Rev George Moss, Lt Col (ret) John Bridge Walker, James Mclaren, John Woolard, Frederick Hammersley & William Bateman. 1a 2r 4p purchased in 1887 for £152. 10/- (Sections A to F of cemetery). Total cost including chapel £970. Tender of £540 for chapel 25’ by 14’ of Bath stone built by Messrs Tompsett & Kingham of Farnham completed early 1889.

Stained glass window memorial to the Great war gift of local benefactor Henry Morris Chester of Poyle Park – artist John Ives, made by J Whippell & Co of Exeter & London. Sexton/Gravedigger George Manfield on £10 p/a

Further 4a 2r 19p purchased from Mr Hogsflesh in 1913 for £225 (money borrowed). Chapel now a museum

SHC Plans 2988/11-15. Not viewable as in very poor state.

Visited 2006. Well maintained with a modern section that is obviously frequently visited to the rear of the chapel and original area.

West Surrey Family History Society CD10 (The Surrey Burial Index - 2nd edition 2009) has burial records for Ash St. Peter from 1548 to 1900.

WSFHS CD42(Ancient Parishes in the Farnham District) has Baptismal records for Ash St. Peter from 1548 to 1840 and Burial records from 1548 to 1840,

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The map is centred on Ash Museum which is in the former Cemetery Chapel

Ash Parish Council web site

Ash Cemetery and Burial Board

Ash Burial Board (Normandy Historians)


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