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Croydon, Queens Road Cemetery

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Cemetery chapels, Queen's Road - - 1574711
© Stephen Richards / Cemetery chapels, Queen's Road, via Wikimedia Commons

Queen's Road Cemetery is in the ecclesiastical parishan ecclesiastical parish is an administrative area within the Church of England or Roman Catholic church. It is distinct from the civil parish, a local government unit in England of Croydon Holy Saviour which was formed in 1867 from the ecclesiastical parishan ecclesiastical parish is an administrative area within the Church of England or Roman Catholic church. It is distinct from the civil parish, a local government unit in England of Croydon Common. This parish was itself created from the Ancient Parishan Ancient Parish is a Church of England parish which, until the 19th century, had both ecclesiastical and civil functions of Croydon in 1853.

There are just over 2,000 names in the Surrey Monumental Inscriptions Index Queen's Road cemetery dating from around 1860 to around 1880.
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Friends of Surrey Cemeteries (Surrey Cemeteries: a survey, 2012):

Queens road, Selhurst, Croydon.

Opened 1861, lodge & 2 chapels. 26 acres. Croydon BC, Cemetery Office, Mitcham Road, CR9 3AT. 0208 684 3877.

Croydon Board of Health appointed as Burial Board 3 Mar 1859. Built on 22 acres between Pawsons Road and Princess Road purchased for £200 acre plus £8 for portion of tithes, surrounded by low wall and railings (cost £5079). Total cost of cemetery £16,000. Money borrowed @ 5% over 30 years.

Areas set out for Anglican, non-conformist, Catholic and Society of Friends. Land consecrated by Archbishop Sumner 18 Jul 1861 and by Archbishop Tait 4 July 1871. First interment Mr Garniss late of Fairfield House School and a member of the Board of Guardians. First year 63 consecrated and 20 u/c burials. By 1 Dec 1882 15,279 burials.

Was well kept after 120 years and 37,000 burials. Lodge inhabited. Chapels built in Decorated style, designed by C E Robins from a competition with 12 entrants. Narrow flat site. Planting includes several cedars.

Memorials include a rare cast-iron Gothic style tomb no 846 of 1865 – Isabella Saward was 105 when she was buried beneath it in 1950, original ceramic number column also in place. Other burials here included Mary Dyer 1904, James Saward 1901 and Mary, wife of Andrew Dyer in 1865. Areas for the Ladies of Mary, RC Sisters + Brothers from the Christian Schools (1904-1951). Original railings along Queens road. Now only burials in family plots. Interpretation boards set up in cemetery. Many clearances over the years.

SHC 929.5 MIs on WSFHS fiche/CD 1818-1882. alphabetical list includes date of death and age, Visited 2010 - Very well kept, nice layout. Many medium sized native trees – planted after 100+ losses in 1980s hurricane. Friendly gardener who had been there for 40 years. Chapels boarded up but looked to be sound – linked with double porte-cochiere, spire on side of Episcopal chapel. Stone toilets (? underground mortuary) beyond chapels being rebuilt. Attractive lodge now residential. Roads/houses on all four sides. Helpful interpretation boards around cemetery (details copied in booklet). Stability testing had been carried out and some headstones were tied to posts (neatly).

Quite a number of major memorials, bronze plaques and statues in reasonable condition. Some recent burials in family or reclaimed graves. Several slate headstones also.

WSFHS CD10 (The Surrey Burial Index - 2nd edition 2009) has burial records for Croydon Queen's Road Cemetery from 1861 to 1865.

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Queens Road Cemetery is in the London Borough of Croydon.

Unless otherwise stated the dates for the creation of parishes are taken from Youngs, Frederick. A., jr.. Guide to the Administrative Units of England; Royal Historical Society: London, 1979 volume 1 Southern England.

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