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Quaker Burial Ground, Capel

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WSFHS Has no inscriptions for the Quaker Burial Ground

Friends of Surrey Cemeteries (Surrey Cemeteries: a survey, 2012):
Location implies at Pleystowe Farm but see notes below. 3 churches on map for Capel. Meeting house at The Street
SHC 6189/5/2/61 (burial register) not available to public due to poor condition.
SHC 6189/5/2/72 notes on deaths by friends houses rather than burial ground.
SHC 6189/12/3 notes 1761-1863 of little real use.
SHC 6189/12/26-29 last record is plan of burial ground on cloth – shows plot c 100 ft deep and maximum 50 ft wide off Capel-Ockley road with Meeting house in centre, stables and burials in front of and behind meeting house. Same cloth shows a square burial ground at Pleystowe House with burials of Crews and Holmes families. This is clearly south of Capel and separate to the Capel burial ground – ref as above! This map would seem to imply Capel burial ground was on today’s B126 to the south of the village as it refers to village to the right and Ockley to the left.

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