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Betchworth Burial Ground

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Friends of Surrey Cemeteries (Surrey Cemeteries: a survey, 2012):
The Walled Garden, The Street, Betchworth.

Opened 1949.

Visited 2009 a modern field behind houses but with footpath to church. Incongruous corrugated iron shed at one side, no plantings. Allotments on way in. Seats and rope fence separating path from burial area.

SHC 3367/2/2-4 general accounts 1927-53.
SHC 3367/1/1 minute book.
SHC 3367/3/9-13 finances re extension.
SHC 3367/3/14-16 notices of interment from 1949. – includes trade/relationship, grave depth and if purchased.

Extension paperwork includes borrowing agreements with SCC (£700) & Min of Health (£500). Conveyance in 1943 of 2 roods. Agreement 13 Nov 1944 with John Gordon (Surbiton) Ltd for £498. 11/-6d. Fencing, gates, levelling and paths to be completed in 8 weeks.

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